Irish dance classes – January to March 2020


Irish dance classes – January to march 2020

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Si vous vous inscrivez à 2 cours une réduction de 20% s’applique au montant total. Si vous vous inscrivez à 3 cours ou plus, la réduction est de 30%.


Irish dance classes, softshoes and hardshoes.

19:00-20:30= Débutant – Beginner
20:30-22:00= Moyen – Primary

16:30-17:30= Enfants débutants – Kids beginner
17:30-19:00= Moyen- Primary
19:00-20:30= Ceili
20:30-22:00= Avancé/Championnat – Intermediate/Open

11:00-12:00= Entraînement/Practice (sur avis du professeur / on the advice of your teacher)
12:00-13:30= Débutant/Moyen – Beginner/Primary
13:00-16:00= Championnat – Open

Hourly rate : 12€ being 18€ for 1h30
If you’re already paying a class by the trimester, cards for extra classes have a special fee.
The trimester fee has to be paid within the 1st or 2nd weeks of classes.

An extra discount of 20% of the total amount applies if you subscribe to 2 classes or more.
If 2 members of the same family are taking classes, an extra discount of 20% applies.
If 3 members of the same family are taking classes, the extra discount is 25%.

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Débutant mardi- Beginner tuesday: 19h – 20h30, Moyen mardi- Primary Tuesday : 20h30-22h, Enfants mercredi – Kids Wednesday : 16h30-17h30, Moyen mercredi- Primary Wednesday : 17h30-19h, Ceili mercredi – Ceili Wednesday : 19h-20h30, Avancé/Championnat mercredi- Inter/Open Wednesday : 20h30-22h, Débutant/Moyen samedi- Beginner/Primary Saturday: 12h-13h30, Championnat samedi – Open Saturday : 13h-16h