Is there an age minimum or age limit to dance?

From 5 years old and then no limit, providing you’re in a good shape and have check that with your physician.

I’ve never done irish dance before !

It’s perfectly fine, we have beginner classes. And the trial class is free of charge.

I did irish dance in another school.

We have classes for all levels. If you were into competition, you’ll find the right class easily. Otherwise just ask us. If you were in a registered CLRG school, just check with your previous TCRG.

What do I have to wear ?

For the first classes : short or leggings – tee-shirt – thick socks like tennis socks or ballet half-pointe shoes.

We’re in the middle of the trimester/the year, can I start ?

Yes, of course. We welcome new dancers all year round.

I don’t understand anything about these levels : beginner, primary…

The school levels are based on An Comisiun Mainland Europe Irish dance competitions levels (CLRG : An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha)
Primary = Advanced steps
Intermediate = More complicated steps
Open = Championship level
For more explanations, you can have a look here : Irish dance levels explanations

May I / Do I have to compete ?

You don’t have to compete. If you want to, the teachers will advise you on the best moment to do it.

I don’t live in Paris, where can I dance

Here’s a map with dance schools in France and around

2 Replies to “FAQ”

  1. Bonjour,

    Je voudrais faire des cours de danse irlandaise à partir de septembre en tant que débutant.

    Je voudrais faire d’abord un essai. Pourriez-vous me dire la date du premier cours? Je n’ai pas trouvé sur le site.

    Merci d’avance pour votre retour.

    Cristina Lozovoi

    1. Bonjour,
      Le 1er cours aura lieu le mardi 11 septembre.
      Nous sommes en train de mettre à jour le site internet, les dates pour l’an prochain apparaîtront très bientôt !

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