The trial class is free


Participating to the classes “by the trimester” is only for members of the associtaion. Members are covered by our insurance in case of need.
The membership is valid for one year and have to be subscribed within the 1st class.
Membership : 25€

And please fill the registration form !

Paiement by the trimester

By the trimester, the hourly rate is 12€
If you’re already paying a class by the trimester, cards for extra classes have a special fee.
The trimester fee has to be paid within the 1st or 2nd weeks of classes.


An extra discount of 20% of the total amount applies if you subscribe to 2 classes or more.
If 2 members of the same family are taking classes, an extra discount of 20% applies.
If 3 members of the same family are taking classes, the extra discount is 25%.

Payment by the year

If you pay upfront for a year of classes (3 trimesters), please enter the following coupon codes :
– if you’re taking 1 class / week : YEAR1
– if you’re taking 2 classes or more / week : YEAR2

Cards of 5 or 10 classes

Cards for 5 or 10 classes of 1h30 or 2 or 6 classes of 2h30 are available at an hourly rate of 15€.